We create powerful names that work.

Why lose sleep over naming a business or finding a solid product name? Let’s make naming a fun and creative experience.

  • Strategically-Driven Naming Approach
  • Ideal for Company, Brand, Product Name
  • Team with 10+ Years Experience
  • Clients In 120+ Countries
  • Competitive Pricing Choices
  • We Guarantee Results
  • 100% Satisfaction

Naming a business, a product or brand is hard - we make it easy.

We specialize in creating strategic brand names that evoke an emotional response from your specific target audience.

10+ years experience

We have solid experience in the business naming industry. We name companies, brands, apps and products daily and are passionate about building brands from scratch.

Unique Name Development

We have successfully created names for business ideas across all sectors ranging from beauty, wellness, media, finance, technology, pharma, lifestyle, food to gaming.

Clients In 120+ Countries

Our clients are based across the globe. We make sure we develop unique and memorable business name ideas keeping in mind your geographic location and culture.

We create company names that stand out from the pack. Instead of focusing on the ordinary, we put all our energy into creating extraordinary brand names.

Here's how it works

Strategically-Driven Naming Approach

  • 1. Pick your plan

    Tell us how many name ideas you would like to receive. Choose the service package that suits you best.

  • 2. Explain your business

    Gain input on the offering we are naming, your target market, communication goals as well as naming constraints.

  • 3. Creative Process

    We review your input and develop a strategy to position your Brand/Company or Service effectively. Our team will start the creative process.

  • 4. Receive custom names

    Within only 48 hours (2 business days) you'll receive the name ideas straight to your inbox. Based on your feedback we will proceed with booked services.

​​Explore UpScoop's ​​pricing tiers​

If you need high-quality ideas for naming your business or product, you’re in the right place.


5 Memorable Brand Names to choose from, strategically designed for your unique business and objectives.


  • Competitor Research
  • 5 Business/Product Names
  • 2 Business Days Delivery Time
  • 2 Free Name Revisions*

ONE time purchase. NO subscription.


7 Memorable Brand Names + Trademark Check + Social Media Handles


  • Competitor Research
  • 7 Business/Product Names
  • Linguistic Check
  • Trademark Screening
  • Social Media Handles
  • 4 Business Days Delivery Time
  • 4 Free Name Revisions*

ONE time purchase. NO subscription.


10 Memorable Brand Names + Trademark Check + Social Media Handles & Guaranteed .COM domain


  • Competitor Research
  • 10 Business/Product Names
  • Global Linguistic Check
  • Trademark Screening
  • Social Media Handles
  • Domain Research
  • 7 Business Days Delivery Time
  • 8 Free Name Revisions*

ONE time purchase. NO subscription.

*based on your feedback

We Guarantee Results & 100% Satisfaction

A rare occurrence, but the solution is simple. We simply break down why you feel the names don't work, and then we bring together a plan for revisions to solve the issues highlighted. Our only purpose is to find a name which you are confident in & that can help your brand reach its full potential.


You’re in good company — this year 1789 entrepreneurs used our service

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