Workaholic – How To Change Your Life Again

Is your day to day working life making you become a Workaholic? Then this article will help you find time to spend life on other activities!

Source: Fotolia © Kaspars Grinvalds
Source: Fotolia © Kaspars Grinvalds

Easy to Become Addicted to Work

One of the most common addictions for adults is work. It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day activities surrounding work. It is very easy to bring the stresses of work home or to just stay at work in order to not bring the stresses home. If your work involves bonuses and other incentives for late evenings and weekend work, you can become even more involved in work. When people become workaholics, the rest of their life suffers from lack of attention.

Health is Important

Many people who give too much to their work end up becoming quite unhealthy. They may be working so hard they forget to eat or they eat too much. They may not get enough sleep and they certainly do not exercise enough. It is very easy to get caught up in work, especially if you are in a leadership position or you own your own company.

Assess Your Calendar

One of the best ways to judge whether or not you are a workaholic is to make a list of what you do all day long. If you work full-time, you will most likely have at least eight hours of your day spent working. However, if you are finding that your daily schedule and even your weekend schedule does not allow for you to do things with your family and for yourself, then it is time to take a step back from your work and reevaluate your life.

Work is Important

Obviously, it is important to work because that pays the bills, provides shelter, and nourishes your family. But, you must consider the cost of your workaholic lifestyle. Just as you schedule your work, you will need to start scheduling time for activities that you enjoy doing. You will need to change the way you make your commitments.

Plan Personal Activities

You will need to plan a personal activity a few times each week. You will need to be completely available during those activities, so you will need to leave your cell phone and computer somewhere else. Obviously, it is a good idea to have your cell phone nearby, but you cannot use it for business at all when you are in your personal mode.

Find Balance

If you have children, it will be important for you to commit to them and to stick by your commitment. They will let you know if you failed and it will not be pretty. Once you start to live a more enjoyable life that does not revolve around your work, it will be much easier to make more plans and to commit to more fun outside of work. Start small and then make more plans as you become more comfortable with your new lifestyle.