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    Experience The Diversity Of Charming Marrakech

    The city is served by the Marrakech-Menara International Airport, which receives hundreds of flights from Europe and the Arab World in Northern Africa and the Middle East everyday. The airport serves over 3.1 million passengers, the majority of which are tourists every year. The main population of people living on and around the nearby Atlas Mountains […]

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    7 Things To Do In Iceland – Particularly Number 4 Is Very Impressive!

    1. Whale Watching There are loads of places in Iceland where you have the opportunity to see whales.The high peak season for whale watching is from April to October, so make sure that you book a tour during this time. You can find many different guides in the old Harbour of Reykjavik who offer tours […]

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    Discover The Annapurna Region – The Mecca for Trekkers and Hikers!

    This particular region has the distinction of being one of the first conservation areas in Nepal, not to mention the largest. There are plenty of trekking routes here so adventure seekers will not be disappointed. You can opt for an easy trekking route or really challenge yourself with a route that will stretch you. It […]

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    Unforgettable Moments – Trekking In The Atacama Desert

    The majority of the population is concentrated in the central Chile and they are mainly engaged in agriculture, mining and fishing. Tourism is also a prominent source of income; over the period of time it has emerged as a popular tourist destination with English speaking population. The desert lies between the two mountain ranges that are […]

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    Ever Wanted To Do Jungle Trekking? Go To Suriname!

    There are 15 major natural reserves in Suriname. Bigi Pan is located in the western part of Suriname, the Bigi Pan reserve is a fabulous nesting ground for migratory birds and aquatic animals. There are safe trekking options and safaris made available. Wia Wia nature reserve is located close to the coast and is a […]

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    Enjoy Tenerife – Spain’s Volcanic Treasure

      At close to 12,200 feet, the Pico del Teide is not only Tenerife’s highest peak but the tallest in all of Spain. The mountain sits in the midst of a lunar-esque landscape characterised by dramatic rock formations and deep volcanic hues. This is the ideal place for anyone who loves hiking in the great […]