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    Spirits Guide – What Is Cognac?

    Like that other famous beverage, Cognac derives its name from the region in France that holds the exclusive legal right to use the word. And, also like champagne, calling it merely a type of ‘burned wine’ is to empty the term of meaning. For Cognac, if it is to be given its real due, is […]

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    Do You Know Your Spirits? Use This Spirit Guide To Learn All You Need – Gin

    Distilled in column stills to create a very pure product, the result contains a minimum of congeners – a class of compounds that adds not only off-flavors but is often associated with hangovers. The spirit is often combined with other botanicals beyond juniper, such as coriander and cinnamon. The subtle differences between brands are a […]

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    Spirits Guide – What Is Whiskey?

    Though some of the expertise goes back thousands of years, the knowledge for making whiskey is much more recent. These spirits made from barley, rye or corn have much in common with beer, which was made as far back as the ancient Egyptians. But whiskey is distilled, not fermented, and that practice only began in […]