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    Get Thrilled By The Most Spectacular Carnival In The World

    The festival starts on the Friday before the Ash Wednesday and goes on till the Tuesday (often called the Fat Tuesday). Carnival, in Portuguese means ‘remove meat’ and this event signals the beginning of Lent when most Christians abstain from eating meat. Carnival is celebrated throughout Brazil though the one at Rio de Janeiro is […]

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    Explore Venezuela’s Stunning Backcountry

    Venezuela has always attracted adventurous travellers since Christopher Columbus first sighted its shores five centuries ago. Venezuelan expeditions are the best way to explore the nature, culture and traditions of the country and the people, you can also discover wild life and new landmarks. Some of the ideal destinations for expeditions are trekking in the […]

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    Travel To South America And Watch The Breathtaking Iguazu Falls

    When you are crossing the borders at this point the system is fairly relaxed as it is automatically assumed that you are on a day trip. Citizens of some nations will need a visa to get to the Brazilian side of the falls and these do need to be arranged in advance as they cannot […]

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    Are You Looking For A Challenge? Grab A Bike And Drive Through Patagonia!

    Cycling in Patagonia A large part of the southern tip of Argentina is classed as Patagonia and this area is a favourite with experienced cyclists who are looking for a challenge. You have the chance to cross the Andes on mountain bike and visit cities such as Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia. Those who prefer not […]

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    Unforgettable Moments – Trekking In The Atacama Desert

    The majority of the population is concentrated in the central Chile and they are mainly engaged in agriculture, mining and fishing. Tourism is also a prominent source of income; over the period of time it has emerged as a popular tourist destination with English speaking population. The desert lies between the two mountain ranges that are […]

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    Experience Majestic Peru – The Land Of The Incas

      For tourists of many countries, visas are issued on arrival and allow a stay of up to 180 days. You will need to check with the Peruvian embassy in your home country to find out the regulations which apply to you. You can arrive at the international airport in Lima which accepts flights from […]

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    Skydiving In The Stunning Andes – A Must On Your Bucket List!

    You have the option of taking a tandem jump. This is particularly useful for those who are new to skydiving, but the group organises classes so that all those who want to take part can be fully prepared. All instructors are qualified to teach jumping and all visitors are in save hands. The aircraft used […]

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    Angel Falls – Enjoy The World’s Highest Uninterrupted Waterfall

    Auyantepuy are one of the biggest table top mountains known as Tepuis. Jimmie Angel along with his wife and two companions took 11 days to climb down the Tepui and reach back to civilisation on foot. He disclosed his discovery to the world and the waterfall then became known as Angel Falls. The indigenous name […]

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    Explore Paradisal Guyana In The North of South America

      The north eastern part of Guyana is covered with farms and orchards. Here you will find sugarcane fields, vegetable farms and fruit orchards. The world’s largest single drop waterfall hides among the million acre rainforest reserve in the central Guyana. The Rupununi savannahs in the south western Guyana are home to the Amerindian communities. […]

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    Lake Titicaca – The Magnificent Place Where Peru Meets Bolivia

    This region was the original home of indigenous peoples such as the Quechuas and the Puquinas. Most of the local cultures grew out of this area. You may find that in some areas the old traditions are still in place, and if your aim is to find out more about local cultures then this destination […]