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    How Do You Avoid Dramatic Weight Gain When You Stop Smoking

    First, be prepared. Use smoking cessation tools to make it easier for you, and stock up on these beforehand. Nicotine patches will help you to quit gradually as they deliver a small amount of nicotine to your system over time. Nicotine gum will keep your mouth busy while also giving you a small dose of […]

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    Surprising Ways You Benefit From Stopping Smoking

    When you smoke, tar, nicotine, and many other poisons get into your blood stream and are absorbed through the lungs. These are then delivered to every cell of your body, as blood and oxygen filtered through the lungs feeds all your cells. Smoking is then linked to cancer of just about every part of the […]

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    Stop Smoking and Live Longer

    Why Smoking is Banned in Many Places Those who smoke often complain about the fact that they are not allowed to smoke in many buildings. Many states have banned smoking in restaurants, bars, and casinos and they have done so for many good reasons. Smoking and second-hand smoking have proved to cause cancer in various […]

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    Have You Ever Used Woods To Add Extra Flavor To Your Grilled Food?

    Wood chips are frequently placed in among the charcoals or near a gas flame where they ignite and give off smoke. That adds immensely to the aroma and infuses flavor into a layer of the meat that makes the meal delicious and distinctive. A dozen different varities of wood are used with some more common […]

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    You Won’t Believe The Beauty Side Effects Of Smoking!

    I’m sure you are familiar with what the cigarettes are doing to the inside of your body, but have you ever given any thought about what the cigarettes are doing to the OUTSIDE of your body. The truth is, cigarettes have a lot of beauty side effects that not only age you, but can make […]