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    Do You Know About These Natural Remedies For A Happy Skin?

    For Dry Skin at Bath Time At bath time add a little honey and milk to your water in order to moisturise and care for dry skin. You can also use dried or soy milk for this purpose. Milk contains Vitamins A and D and will make your skin stronger and so much softer. Those […]

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    How To Exfoliate Your Skin

    Why Should We Exfoliate? By exfoliating your skin, you get rid of all the old dull skin cells and bring new and bright ones to the surface. Products will penetrate your skin more easily and your body will feel far silkier and smoother. The frequency that you need to exfoliate will be down to your […]

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    How To Remove Hair Colour From Your Skin

    When to Be Careful The hair colour being left on your skin can be dangerous if you have a special sensitivity to the dye. Your skin can become red and inflamed and you may develop a rash. You might also experience a burning sensation. In most cases it won’t cause permanent damage but if you […]

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    How To Get Poreless Skin!

    Use Your Daily Cleansing Routine Washing your face twice daily using a pore minimizing cleanser is a good idea. Use a toner and a moisturizer after each time you cleanse. If you have acne-prone skin, you should try to use a moisturizer that includes some sort of acne fighting ingredient, such as benzoyl peroxide or […]

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    You Won’t Believe The Beauty Side Effects Of Smoking!

    I’m sure you are familiar with what the cigarettes are doing to the inside of your body, but have you ever given any thought about what the cigarettes are doing to the OUTSIDE of your body. The truth is, cigarettes have a lot of beauty side effects that not only age you, but can make […]