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    How To Deal With Daytime Sleepiness

    Your night time sleep habits will affect your daytime energy levels, so this is the first thing to address. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, consider why this might be. Do you stay up too late? Are you drinking too much coffee or cola or something else with caffeine? If you’re heavyset then […]

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    Heal Your Soul in Magical Bhutan

    Bhutan is perhaps one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Few people can actually pinpoint its location and for a long time foreign travellers were not made welcome. It is a country of a similar size to Switzerland and it can be found close to Nepal. The northern part of the country makes contact with the […]

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    Active Sports Or Quiet Meditation

    Quiet meditation is also important for your body, and your mind. When you quietly meditate for even ten minutes every day, your body can rest from all your activity and restore and repair itself. Your mind also has time to rest, if you’re quiet and without distraction during meditating. Meditating means, not just emptying your […]

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    Fall In Love With The Beautiful Yaeyama Islands Of Japan

    It’s been said that because all the land in Japan has been allotted to things like residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural use, the people have to build upward rather than outward. It’s really true, too. Some of the buildings there are tall enough to set records. Rather than staying on the main island, the Yaeyama […]