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    Have A Ball At Beachcomber – The Party Island Of The South Pacific!

    With the island being located only nineteen kilometres from Fiji`s Nadi International Airport, it is just a short ride by boat to get to this tropical party getaway. Particularly if you are on your way to Australia or New Zealand, coming from Asia or North America it is the perfect option for a little party […]

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    How To Mix Up Your Sangria Recipes

    To make sangria, you typically start with a basic red wine and then add chopped fruit, some sweetener, and a touch of brandy. The chopped fruit can be anything, including grapes, apples, oranges, peaches, melons of any variety, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, or mangoes. The sweetener you add might be just a few tablespoons of regular […]

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    How To Get A Flattering Gold Eye Shadow Look

    When you use gold eye shadow, you want to make sure that you are layering multiple shades of shadow. Whether you choose a few different golds or use the gold as an accent only, you should not wear only one shade. Green and gold, navy and gold or purple and gold are great colour combinations. […]

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    Get Thrilled By The Most Spectacular Carnival In The World

    The festival starts on the Friday before the Ash Wednesday and goes on till the Tuesday (often called the Fat Tuesday). Carnival, in Portuguese means ‘remove meat’ and this event signals the beginning of Lent when most Christians abstain from eating meat. Carnival is celebrated throughout Brazil though the one at Rio de Janeiro is […]

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    Kitesurfing In Tarifa = Maximum Fun

    Tarifa has a beautiful coastline and much of the land in this area is a natural park. The visitor to this area can make their holiday as laid back and as relaxing as they like. However Tarifa is famous for its wild nightlife and party lifestyle. It is relatively simple to get to Tarifa as […]

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    Cool Off With a Mojito, a Manhattan, or a Pimm’s Cup

    Mojito To make a minty mojito, you need the following: 1/2 teaspoon confectioner’s sugar 1/2 lime, juiced 1 sprig fresh mint, crushed 1/2 cup crushed ice 2 fluid ounces white rum 4 fluid ounces carbonated water 1 sprig fresh mint, garnish In a highball glass, stir together the confectioner’s sugar and lime juice. Crush the […]

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    Dublin Dreaming – Visit the Capital of Ireland

    A good area to settle for the duration of your stay is the city of Dublin. It is a busy, bustling place full of people and life but more importantly Dublin is right in the middle of things. Train lines can take you to Cork, Galway and other populated cities. Smaller towns might not have […]

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    How To Look Great After A Long Party Night!

    Makeup Removal: The first thing that you should do when you get home from a party is take off your makeup. You have likely had the makeup on for a long time and taking it off is crucially important. You should use a gentle makeup remover to ensure that you get all of it off. If […]