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    White Water Rafting In Nepal – A Peerless Adventure!

    As this is an extreme sport, you need to ensure the company you do your white water rafting which is legitimate and has top quality equipment and instructors. If you have any doubts at all, you should research other people’s comments of their experiences to see if they have been satisfied and if you get […]

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    Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

    Visit The Grand Palace & Wat Prakea The Grand Palace is Bangkok’s most famous landmark and therefore definitely a must see. Built in 1782, the palace was home of the Tain King and the government for 150 years. Particularly the magnificent architecture draw visitors from all over the world and makes the Thai people being […]

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    Discover Swakopmund In Beautiful Namibia

      The holiday town is a convenient launching pad for expeditions to Skeleton Coast. The road from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay provides breathtaking views of the giant dunes of the Namib Desert meeting the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 75 miles north of Swakopmund is Cape Cross, famous for the tens of thousands of […]

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    What To Know About Desert Hiking

      Desert hiking can be pretty different experience compared to hiking through other terrains. Considering harsh and unfriendly terrains and extreme weather conditions, one may wonder why hike the desert. However, desert hiking can offer a great sense of adventure and deep connection with nature. Each desert with its unique topography offers panoramic views spread […]

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    7 Things To Do In Iceland – Particularly Number 4 Is Very Impressive!

    1. Whale Watching There are loads of places in Iceland where you have the opportunity to see whales.The high peak season for whale watching is from April to October, so make sure that you book a tour during this time. You can find many different guides in the old Harbour of Reykjavik who offer tours […]

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    Explore Venezuela’s Stunning Backcountry

    Venezuela has always attracted adventurous travellers since Christopher Columbus first sighted its shores five centuries ago. Venezuelan expeditions are the best way to explore the nature, culture and traditions of the country and the people, you can also discover wild life and new landmarks. Some of the ideal destinations for expeditions are trekking in the […]

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    Enjoy the “Golden Heart City” of Fairbanks

    As far as places in Alaska go on a scale of worth in visiting, Fairbanks does a good job of giving people lots to do, lots to see and lots to eat for a fair amount of money. Fairbanks is literally right in the middle of everything, almost at the geographical centre of Alaska and […]

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    Discover The Spectacular Northwest Territories – “Canada’s Last Frontier”

    The spread of the territory is so vast the climate alters as you progress further south. In the north it is classed as polar, as you travel further south it becomes subarctic. Summers are short with daytime figures reaching the mid-teens and dropping to low single figures. Winters are long and incredibly harsh. Days can […]

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    Angel Falls – Enjoy The World’s Highest Uninterrupted Waterfall

    Auyantepuy are one of the biggest table top mountains known as Tepuis. Jimmie Angel along with his wife and two companions took 11 days to climb down the Tepui and reach back to civilisation on foot. He disclosed his discovery to the world and the waterfall then became known as Angel Falls. The indigenous name […]

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    How To Prepare For A Bike Ride Through Different Countries

    Factors to Consider Language – Cycling is very different from driving. You can cover tens of kilometres in a matter of minutes when driving but it may take you several hours to cover similar ground when cycling. Why is this important? If you get lost in a remote part of a strange country where few […]