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    How To Add Glitter For A Fun And Fancy Touch!

    First consider your makeup overall. If you’re already wearing dark tones or bright shades, adding glitter may be too much overall. Rather than using glitter eye shadow or lipstick with your bright shades, consider adding a bit of glitter to your shoulders or to your cleavage for some eye-catching appeal. If you add glitter to […]

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    Flattering Makeup Shades Every Woman Can Wear

    Universal Eye Makeup Determining the correct eye makeup colours depends on a lot of different factors. Your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour must be taken into consideration when choosing eye makeup. This makes the task of shopping for eye makeup dreadful. No need to worry anymore though. By using an universal eye makeup […]

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    The Best Matting Products For The Face

    Adding powder to your face will absorb the oil but it can also give you a cakey look. When you layer powder on top of foundation or concealer and then more powder on top of that, it’s also very unhealthy for your skin and your pores. Clogged pores can lead to acne and skin irritation […]

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    The Must-Haves For Makeup Beginners

    Concealer: Having a quality concealer is essential. It helps hide under-eye circles, blemishes and can even contour your hair. Make sure it close to your natural skin tone to get the best results. Foundation: Having a foundation is definitely essential. There are many different types of foundation that you could use. There are liquid, cream, mousses, powder […]