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    Explore The Beauty Of The Negev Desert

    The Negev is recognised more as a religious destination and the tourists who come are looking at the history that goes back thousands of years. There are a range of different trains and buses to the surrounding areas, but infrequent services to the Negev. The buses are often exceptionally busy and if you don’t call […]

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    Visit Magnificent Phoenix – The Gateway To The Grand Canyon

    The city is extremely hot during summers and it is a little mild during winters. However it might turn out to be too hot during summers and hence you should carry required stuff to avoid a sun burn. Though English is the language used by majority of people, you would be surprised to see that […]

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    Mountain Biking In Nepal – A Great Adventure!

    You will get the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and will be able to really savour and appreciate the serenity that Nepal has in abundance. You also get the time to visit trails which have rarely been visited and discover traditional rural life styles that have been preserved […]

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    Safari In Tanzania? Absolutely Worth It!

      The day trips in Tanzania often start from places such as Arush or Marangu.  You take the trip into the national park and the tour company provides you with a lunch and bottled water.  Arusha National Park is a great place as this particular day safari is a combination of walking and riding in […]

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    Be A Pioneer – Hiking In Greenland

    There are only eighteen towns in the country and from each of these there are some lovely short hikes which can be done in only a few hours. There is also the opportunity to try a guided hike where a seasoned professional guide will be on hand telling you all about the history and wildlife […]

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    Are You Looking For A Challenge? Grab A Bike And Drive Through Patagonia!

    Cycling in Patagonia A large part of the southern tip of Argentina is classed as Patagonia and this area is a favourite with experienced cyclists who are looking for a challenge. You have the chance to cross the Andes on mountain bike and visit cities such as Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia. Those who prefer not […]

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    Unforgettable Moments – Trekking In The Atacama Desert

    The majority of the population is concentrated in the central Chile and they are mainly engaged in agriculture, mining and fishing. Tourism is also a prominent source of income; over the period of time it has emerged as a popular tourist destination with English speaking population. The desert lies between the two mountain ranges that are […]

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    Enjoy the “Golden Heart City” of Fairbanks

    As far as places in Alaska go on a scale of worth in visiting, Fairbanks does a good job of giving people lots to do, lots to see and lots to eat for a fair amount of money. Fairbanks is literally right in the middle of everything, almost at the geographical centre of Alaska and […]

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    Discover The Spectacular Northwest Territories – “Canada’s Last Frontier”

    The spread of the territory is so vast the climate alters as you progress further south. In the north it is classed as polar, as you travel further south it becomes subarctic. Summers are short with daytime figures reaching the mid-teens and dropping to low single figures. Winters are long and incredibly harsh. Days can […]

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    Make Yukon Your Next Exciting Destination!

    The climate varies depending on the location you visit. In the north it is arctic, the more sheltered areas of Whitehorse down to Old Crow are subarctic, and as you travel more southerly the weather displays a humid continental climate. The territory gained wealth and fame as the first prospectors started to rumour they had […]

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    Start Your Camping Trip Through The States!

    It should be noted that in the U.S. the campsites are usually government-owned, particularly those that are located in national parks and forests, although there are others that are privately owned. It is worth booking a pitch in advance although there are some sites which are dealt with on a first-come first served basis so […]