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    Explore The Beauty Of The Negev Desert

    The Negev is recognised more as a religious destination and the tourists who come are looking at the history that goes back thousands of years. There are a range of different trains and buses to the surrounding areas, but infrequent services to the Negev. The buses are often exceptionally busy and if you don’t call […]

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    Solomon Islands – Discover The True Paradise

    The Solomon Islands experienced civil unrest in 1998 and 2006. Whereas the ethnic tensions, government impunity and runaway crime that triggered the instability have not completely dissipated, substantial progress has been made and there is a relatively clear sense of civil order. Sights Lake Te’Nggano – At 50 square miles, Lake Te’Nggano is the largest […]

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    What To Know About Desert Hiking

      Desert hiking can be pretty different experience compared to hiking through other terrains. Considering harsh and unfriendly terrains and extreme weather conditions, one may wonder why hike the desert. However, desert hiking can offer a great sense of adventure and deep connection with nature. Each desert with its unique topography offers panoramic views spread […]

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    Travel To South America And Watch The Breathtaking Iguazu Falls

    When you are crossing the borders at this point the system is fairly relaxed as it is automatically assumed that you are on a day trip. Citizens of some nations will need a visa to get to the Brazilian side of the falls and these do need to be arranged in advance as they cannot […]

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    Be A Pioneer – Hiking In Greenland

    There are only eighteen towns in the country and from each of these there are some lovely short hikes which can be done in only a few hours. There is also the opportunity to try a guided hike where a seasoned professional guide will be on hand telling you all about the history and wildlife […]