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    3 Tips For Preventing Split Ends, That Actually Work

    Why Split Ends Happen? Understanding why split ends happen is the first step. These usually occur because hair is dry and then splits. Each hair on your head is solid but because of its composition, it can shrink up against itself and break or split. Moisture keeps the hair healthy and keeps each part of […]

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    Tips For Dyeing Your Hair On Your Own

    First start with a name brand color rather than something discounted, as name brands usually have better coverage and may offer colors that are truer. It might be good to visit the beauty supply store and purchase a name brand color that you need to mix with activator, rather than a boxed color. These are […]

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    Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions!

    Clip-On Hair Extension The type of hair extension you choose will probably be determined by the reason you are wearing extensions in the first place, along with your budget. If you just want to make your hair seem thicker and fuller you might be able to use a clip-on hair extension that works much like […]

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    How To Keep Hair From Getting Greasy

    Determine the right hair washing schedule. You want to wash your hair frequently, but you do not want to wash it everyday. If you wash your hair each day you may think that you are preventing the greasy texture, but you are actually making it worse. Washing daily will strip the natural oils quickly. In […]