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    Follow The Danube River And Explore Many Different Cultures

    What makes the Danube River so special and diverse is the fact that it flows through 10 different countries, over 90 cities, including 4 capital cities which is more than any other river in the world. This river is so diverse and there is no better way to experience and explore Central and Eastern Europe, […]

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    Germany Paid People To Use Renewable Energy

    Thanks to a very sunny and windy midday on sunday Germany’s wind, solar and hydro plants were supplying around 87% of the power being consumed in the country. The power prices went negative for a few hours, so people got paid for consuming electricity. By 2050 Germany is planning to supply only renewable energy. In 2015 […]

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    There Are Many Reasons to Visit Impressive Romania – Here Are Only A Few!

    British, American, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand citizens with a valid passport do not require a visa to visit Romania for 90 days or less. Romania has diverse a climate depending on different regions. Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Romania, with May and October the most pleasant months. Winters can be […]

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    Enjoy Paragliding At The Mount Blanc Region In France

    Mont Blanc (which literally means White Mountain) is the highest mountain the Alps. The mountain lies in the Graian Alps range between France and Italy.  The Mont Blanc region is also known for records of all sorts with August being the favourite month for pilots. Last year (2012) in the month of August more than […]

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    Enjoy A Balloon Ride Across The Stunning Landscape Of The Alps

    There are many tour operators who offer balloon excursions and who can be found locally in the region and also on the internet such as Alpes Montgolfiere. This is the perfect way in which to see all the most beautiful areas of “Pays du Mont Blanc”. It is always good practice to ensure that the […]

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    Go Ice Swimming In Finland – An Unique Tradition

    As this event at the beginning of the new year is more of a charity event, there are parts of the world, where ice swimming is an essential part of the culture, a perfect occasion to socialize and the foundation of good health. One of these places is Finland. With its geographical position it is […]