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    Is There A Flat Belly Diet?

    Protein feeds muscle and a firm, muscular belly looks toned and tightened. Lean proteins would include lean cuts of chicken and pork as well as fish. Dark leafy greens are also high in protein content, so eat more spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, and greens like these. If you don’t eat these foods while working out, […]

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    Things You Should Do Before You Go On A Diet

    Research the Best Diet For You One of the first things that you should do before you start a diet is to learn about the variety of different diets that are out there. Some diets require you to only eat meat; while some require you to replace a meal with a shake. Choosing a diet […]

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    Avoid These Unhealthy And Dangerous Diets

    One plan that many have followed in the past is a low carbohydrate diet, cutting out simple carbohydrates almost completely. This works by causing the body to turn to its own fat stores to burn for energy, rather than using the carbohydrates you feed every day. Examples of these plans include Atkin’s and the South […]

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    Sayings You Did Not Know Are True: “You Are What You Eat!”

    When people say “you are what you eat,” this statement is true in many respects. When you eat food, your body breaks it down and separates the elements including the vitamins, essential minerals, protein, fat, and others. Your blood travels through the stomach and digestive system and picks up all these elements and then delivers […]

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    Tips for Storing Fresh Veggies

    Families have been able to keep fruits and vegetables and other foods fresh and safe throughout months and between harvest times for generations. Using their same methods can keep your food fresh and safe for your family as well. The two most popular methods for keeping fruits and vegetables safe is through freezing and canning. […]

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    5 Foods You Should Not Be Eating Everyday

    1. Milk Skim milk is a good source of calcium and protein, but even skim milk is high in calories and can be training your palate to enjoy sweet foods. Cut milk out of your diet for a week and see if you notice that you feel lighter, or switch to almond or soy milk. […]