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    Explore the Yangtze River – China’s Aorta

    For centuries the Yangtze River has been the most important river in the history, culture and economy of China as well as being a hugely important tourist attraction for the country. A river cruise holiday on this majestic river offers you the most unique way to explore and experience the best that China has to […]

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    Ever Heard About Blumenau – A German City In Brazil?

    Why should anyone travel to Blumenau? There is no shortage of reasons. Vila Germanica Venue of the annual Oktoberfest, the Vila Germanica is a tourist attraction in its own right thanks to the many german themed houses that dot its streets. It’s the place to buy Blumenau souvenirs. Municipal City Hall One of the city’s […]

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    Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

    Visit The Grand Palace & Wat Prakea The Grand Palace is Bangkok’s most famous landmark and therefore definitely a must see. Built in 1782, the palace was home of the Tain King and the government for 150 years. Particularly the magnificent architecture draw visitors from all over the world and makes the Thai people being […]

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    Follow The Danube River And Explore Many Different Cultures

    What makes the Danube River so special and diverse is the fact that it flows through 10 different countries, over 90 cities, including 4 capital cities which is more than any other river in the world. This river is so diverse and there is no better way to experience and explore Central and Eastern Europe, […]

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    Soak Up Some History In Fascinating Saint Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg is often considered the cultural capital of the country and today, if you want to learn more about the country and visit some age-old buildings and museums, Saint Petersburg is the place to visit. One reason for its attraction is that the landscape of the city has remained virtually unchanged since the 18th […]

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    Experience Majestic Peru – The Land Of The Incas

      For tourists of many countries, visas are issued on arrival and allow a stay of up to 180 days. You will need to check with the Peruvian embassy in your home country to find out the regulations which apply to you. You can arrive at the international airport in Lima which accepts flights from […]

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    Get Afloat – Check Out The Dead Sea

    The uniqueness of the sea has been known for centuries. Minerals from the sea have been used for a number of industrial and medicinal purposes. Chemicals such as potash and bromine are exported now all over the world. The region around the Dead Sea also offers many fascinating biblical, archaeological and historical sites. Due to […]

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    Enjoy The Amazing Scandinavian Culture In Stockholm

    Its age-old architecture is one main attraction, as Stockholm boasts buildings and monuments that have been around since the 13th century.  The city’s oldest section is called Gamla Stan, which means Old Town in Sweden.  The town dates back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and archaic buildings including churches, […]

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    There Are Many Reasons to Visit Impressive Romania – Here Are Only A Few!

    British, American, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand citizens with a valid passport do not require a visa to visit Romania for 90 days or less. Romania has diverse a climate depending on different regions. Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Romania, with May and October the most pleasant months. Winters can be […]

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    Istanbul – The Colourful Gate Between Europe And Asia

    The most prevalent architectural styles are the Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. Istanbul is a wonderful place for a romantic getaway, couples are guaranteed to have the time of their lives here. From art lovers to nature lovers to party freaks, Istanbul has something to offer to everybody. On a romantic getaway, the first thing to […]

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    Be Fascinated By Ecuador – “The Light Of America”

    Ecuador has a number of great cities including Quito, the capital. Parts of the city have survived for hundreds of years although you may find the weather here a little unpredictable. In Quito, you can travel by cable car from the highest point to enjoy the amazing views of the city. The city is also […]