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    Learn to Survive – Attend a Survival Training

    Basic Course This basic course takes two days to complete and you can then consider other courses to add to the skills that you have already learned. Woodland Navigation, Flint Knapping and Fire Lighting Techniques are all useful skills to acquire and could help to save your life if you are ever in an emergency. […]

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    Try Ski Jumping In Canada!

    The good news is that jumps for beginners start from just 5 metres, so you do not need to have nightmares about anything more extreme until you are sure that you know what you are doing.  It should be noted that the equipment for ski jumping is different from that needed for standard skiing. The […]

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    Discover The Spectacular Northwest Territories – “Canada’s Last Frontier”

    The spread of the territory is so vast the climate alters as you progress further south. In the north it is classed as polar, as you travel further south it becomes subarctic. Summers are short with daytime figures reaching the mid-teens and dropping to low single figures. Winters are long and incredibly harsh. Days can […]

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    Make Yukon Your Next Exciting Destination!

    The climate varies depending on the location you visit. In the north it is arctic, the more sheltered areas of Whitehorse down to Old Crow are subarctic, and as you travel more southerly the weather displays a humid continental climate. The territory gained wealth and fame as the first prospectors started to rumour they had […]

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    Visit Beautiful Ontario – ‘The Province of Opportunity’

    The Golden Horseshoe is one of the wealthiest areas of the province. Here you can find the cities which are filled with cultural attractions, lively nightlife and great shopping facilities. For something a little quieter you could spend time in the eastern part of Ontario where there are lakes and forests – perfect for hiking. […]

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    Enjoy Your Holidays In the Arctic Nunavut – Land of the Inuit

    For those who love wildlife Nunavut has a wide range in abundance. Boat trips here are really popular. Whale watching is a breath taking experience, and while actually catching sight of one of these beautiful creatures cannot always be guaranteed, the scenery makes the trip worthwhile. It is not often that you can see walrus […]

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    Enjoy The Beauty Of Prince Edward Island – Canada’s “Million-Acre Farm”

    The island is home to Prince Edward Island National Park which covers a large part of the area. The beaches and sand dunes are unspoiled and the island is also famous as the setting of Anne of Green Gables. You will find references to this famous literary character almost everywhere you go and many come […]