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    Things You Should Know About Beer – Part 1

    Start with a clean, dry glass for each brew being considered. Some argue that having the glass at the same temperature as the brew is best, since it prevents altering the liquid as it’s poured. Experiment both ways, with a glass colder than and at the same temperature as the beer container. Prepare to think […]

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    Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Ale

    The type used in ales is called ‘top fermenting’ because of its tendency to float near the top of the tank. But, the results go far beyond providing an easy way to filter the brew. Techniques used to make ale go back centuries. With that much time for experimenting, it’s not surprising there should be […]

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    Ever Heard About Blumenau – A German City In Brazil?

    Why should anyone travel to Blumenau? There is no shortage of reasons. Vila Germanica Venue of the annual Oktoberfest, the Vila Germanica is a tourist attraction in its own right thanks to the many german themed houses that dot its streets. It’s the place to buy Blumenau souvenirs. Municipal City Hall One of the city’s […]

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    Things You Should Know About Beer – Part 2

    Mouthfeel Beer is generally carbonated and often served at lower than room temperature. The character of the malts, hops and the brewing process in total contribute to the feel of the brew in the mouth. Carbon dioxide bubbles interact with receptors on the tongue and influence whether the brew feels thick or light, creamy or […]

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    Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Wheat Beer

    Similarly, the Bavarian tradition of brewing goes back centuries. The famed Reinheitsgebot – the German purity law established in 1516 – continues to control the way beer is made in this center of the beer universe. Malt, hops, yeast and water are the only ingredients allowed under this aged law. No preservatives are allowed and […]

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    10 Things To Do In Germany

    1. Have a Bavarian breakfast The Bavarian breakfast is a must for everyone who visits Germany. Particularly in Bavaria there are many restaurants or beer gardens which offer a proper meal including white sausages, pretzels and sweet mustard. Don’t be confused about the people drinking wheat beer in the morning – it’s part of the […]

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    Dublin Dreaming – Visit the Capital of Ireland

    A good area to settle for the duration of your stay is the city of Dublin. It is a busy, bustling place full of people and life but more importantly Dublin is right in the middle of things. Train lines can take you to Cork, Galway and other populated cities. Smaller towns might not have […]

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    Beer – Where The Magic Of Making It Comes From

    Barley is a cereal grain, similar to wheat or oats, that doesn’t mill well into flour for bread. But crushed and dried in a process called malting, it forms the perfect base for making the prime ingredient in ‘wort’, the liquid that is fermented into beer. It grows in a variety of types, distinguished by […]

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    Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Lager

    The two main categories of beer – ales and lagers – are distinguished chiefly by the type of yeast used to turn sugars found in malt (another main ingredient) into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Hops, for flavor, and water form the final two major components. From such simplicity comes the complexity enjoyed the world over. Most […]