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    Have A Ball At Beachcomber – The Party Island Of The South Pacific!

    With the island being located only nineteen kilometres from Fiji`s Nadi International Airport, it is just a short ride by boat to get to this tropical party getaway. Particularly if you are on your way to Australia or New Zealand, coming from Asia or North America it is the perfect option for a little party […]

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    Kitesurfing In Tarifa = Maximum Fun

    Tarifa has a beautiful coastline and much of the land in this area is a natural park. The visitor to this area can make their holiday as laid back and as relaxing as they like. However Tarifa is famous for its wild nightlife and party lifestyle. It is relatively simple to get to Tarifa as […]

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    Enjoy The Beautiful Islands Of Venezuela

    Isla Margarita This is the largest and arguably the best island in Venezuela. It has a 106 mile coastline with 50 beautiful beaches. Some of the most spectacular beaches on this island are Playa El Yaque, Playa Parguito, Playa Caribe, Playa Punta Arenas, and Playa Puerto Cruz. The wind speed in these places is ideal […]

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    Visit The World’s Sunny Side In Breathtaking Guadeloupe

    Despite the tropical location, the country uses the Euro as its currency and visitors to the area will notice a distinctly French flavour to the islands. The people of the islands are welcoming and the cuisine is very French with a Caribbean twist. The eastern part of Guadeloupe is called Grande-Terre and this is the […]

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    Explore Vanuatu – One Of The Happiest Places

    The islands’ capital Port Villa on Efate Island is the epicenter of tourism activity. But Vanuatu’s greatest strength lies not in the natural beauty (as compelling as it is) but in the hospitality of its people. Unlike other island vacation destinations where you visit may be marred by unfair pricing and conniving trickery by locals, […]

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    Explore Paradisal Guyana In The North of South America

      The north eastern part of Guyana is covered with farms and orchards. Here you will find sugarcane fields, vegetable farms and fruit orchards. The world’s largest single drop waterfall hides among the million acre rainforest reserve in the central Guyana. The Rupununi savannahs in the south western Guyana are home to the Amerindian communities. […]

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    Relax On The Beautiful Cayman Islands

    Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands. Generally it is bustling with activities when cruise ships are docked at the harbour. Grand Cayman has many interesting places to visit. Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Caribbean. It is a serene, crescent shaped beach with sand stretching […]