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    In For The Big Ones – Game Fishing In Fiji

    It is possible to charter a private boat complete with all mod cons such as a fridge, toilet and even a saloon to relax in. The crew can show your party all the excellent fishing spots and some hidden delights too! There are many coral lagoons in the area. These along with the picturesque and […]

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    White Water Rafting In Nepal – A Peerless Adventure!

    As this is an extreme sport, you need to ensure the company you do your white water rafting which is legitimate and has top quality equipment and instructors. If you have any doubts at all, you should research other people’s comments of their experiences to see if they have been satisfied and if you get […]

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    Cave Diving In Mexico – An Adventure You Will Never Forget!

    It was in 1980 that the Mexican caves were first explored around the Yucatan Peninsula. ‘Dos Ojos’ and ‘Nohoch Nah Chich’ were discovered in the 1980s when the competition among divers to discover the largest underwater cave in the world was heating up. Post that lot of cave explorers targeted the place and started finding […]

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    Skydiving In The Stunning Andes – A Must On Your Bucket List!

    You have the option of taking a tandem jump. This is particularly useful for those who are new to skydiving, but the group organises classes so that all those who want to take part can be fully prepared. All instructors are qualified to teach jumping and all visitors are in save hands. The aircraft used […]

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    Experience The Thrilling Adventure Of White Water Rafting In The Grand Canyon

    Imagine the incredible views as you travel through the Grand Canyon. You can truly get a good feel for the size and awe inspiring vastness of the Canyon when white water rafting here. There have been rafting trips in this area for many years and when you book you can talk through all the requirements with […]

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    How To Prepare For A Bike Ride Through Different Countries

    Factors to Consider Language – Cycling is very different from driving. You can cover tens of kilometres in a matter of minutes when driving but it may take you several hours to cover similar ground when cycling. Why is this important? If you get lost in a remote part of a strange country where few […]