Listen To Your Body And Its Symptoms

When you feel something wrong with your body, it is important you don’t ignore it as it could be your body telling you something serious, so listen!

Source: Fotolia © Andrey Popov
Source: Fotolia © Andrey Popov

Stomachaches can be simple indigestion from eating too much or eating spicy foods, or from eating foods that don’t agree with your system. If you have constant indigestion and an acid taste in your throat with pain in your midsection, this may be acid reflux disease which is very serious. Constant pain of any sort in the stomach should be checked by a doctor, or you might check your symptoms online to see if you might make dietary changes. Those who are sensitive to gluten or wheat can get an upset stomach when eating those foods, so a simple change can help alleviate your pain.

Dizziness and lightheadedness should not be ignored, although rare and light episodes may be nothing serious. Many people experience some lightheadedness if they stand up too quickly, as the blood is immediately rushing from their head. Regular dizzy spells may be something more serious; you may have dangerously low blood pressure or you may have serious problems with your blood sugar levels. Your doctor can check these symptoms and decide the best course of treatment, including changes to your diet to regulate your blood sugar.

Fatigue can have a number of causes, some of which are easily remedied by getting to bed earlier and cutting down on your caffeine intake so you can fall asleep faster. You might also reduce your stress and exercise more so your metabolism is raised. Extreme fatigue may be caused by viral issues or autoimmune disorders such as lupus. Fatigue may also be a sign of depression or anxiety. When your fatigue is severe or chronic, it’s best to see a doctor so you can get a diagnosis of any of these conditions.

Other symptoms that may need medical attention and intervention include rapid or fluttering heartbeat, chronically blurred vision, extreme and frequent headaches, or unexplained and severe pain in any area of the body. It’s also good to get medical attention for any changes you may notice about your body, such as a mole that changes color, rapid and unexplained weight loss, a burning sensation when you urinate, and sudden changes to your menstrual cycle. These things may be harmless but they may also be symptoms of serious conditions that need medical attention.