Is Permanent Hair Straightening A Thing For You?

Are you tired of straightening your hair every day? Check this out to learn more about permanent hair straightening!

Source: Fotolia ©
Source: Fotolia ©

One method of permanent straightening is called thermal reconditioning. The hair is saturated with a chemical that breaks the bonds of hair; these bonds are what give it that curly or kinky shape. The hair is then rinsed and dried, and flattened using a straight iron. A neutralizer is then applied, and this locks in the straight shape.

This entire application can take some eight hours the first time around, especially for women with thicker or coarser hair. Touchups take about three hours. The hair cannot be wet or styled in any way for three days, and once this process is applied, the hair will stay straight. Curling irons and hot rollers won’t work on hair that’s gone through this treatment.

This process needs to be repeated to keep the hair straight and you will notice the roots of the hair grow in curly. Think of it as being like a perm, but in reverse! It can also be damaging so it shouldn’t be used on over-processed hair. For many women it can give them the straight look they want and need but it’s good to consider this choice carefully.

On the other hand a keratin therapy is much less damaging to hair. This doesn’t break the bonds of hair but instead, deposits a formaldehyde formula on the hair’s surface so that it can be straightened more easily. This treatment process eventually wears off naturally so that your hair becomes curly again over time. The formaldehyde is not healthy so you need to consider your risk of exposure if you choose this procedure. It can be good if you want something safer for hair and less severe.

If you want a temporary solution or just some help in straightening out your curly hair, you might use a deep conditioner. When your hair is wet, add this conditioner to hair and work it from the roots to the tips. Put on a shower cap and leave the conditioner on for about ten minutes and then rinse. The weight of the conditioner will help to pull out the curl of your hair.

Remember when straightening your hair that steam often helps, and you want to pull it through a flat iron and then let the hair cool before you touch it. This will allow the straight style to set.