Enjoy The Beautiful Islands Of Venezuela

Even though the stunning landscape of Venezuela’s mainland is absolutely worth a visit there are other parts of the country you shouldn’t miss. There are several islands around along the coastline which guarantee amazing beaches and colourful reefs.

Source: Fotolia © ruidoblanco
Source: Fotolia © ruidoblanco

Isla Margarita

This is the largest and arguably the best island in Venezuela. It has a 106 mile coastline with 50 beautiful beaches. Some of the most spectacular beaches on this island are Playa El Yaque, Playa Parguito, Playa Caribe, Playa Punta Arenas, and Playa Puerto Cruz. The wind speed in these places is ideal for wind surfing and other water sports, these beaches are ideal for a vacation. You could enjoy the water sports, fishing or just enjoy a massage on the beach. This island also has facilities for horse riding and golfing.

Laguna de la Restinga is a national park in the Island and it is a large lagoon. Tourists can go on motor boat rides on the interconnecting channels and through the mangroves and enjoy the Flora and Fauna. This lagoon has a wide variety of fishes and birds that are native to this region. Macanao peninsula has some beautiful secluded beaches.

Margarita Island is also famous for its rich culture and heritage. People may visit various churches and castles. Iglesia del Valle, Castillo de La Asunción, Castillo de Pampatar, oto cortesía de Orietta Rodríguez en el Fortín de Juan Griego are some of the must visit places.

Los Roques

Los Roques or’heaven on earth’ as described by Colombus, is one of the must visit places in Venezuela. What makes it special is that it is a largely undiscovered and unexploited island. It has more than 365 islands which are mostly uninhabited. The island has no hotels, only guesthouses which offer an unique experience usually including beautiful views of the beach, expeditions in the island, and delicious meals. The island has a wide variety of animals such as iguanas, bats and may other type of sea creatures. The reefs and the large rocky islands are spectacular.

Source: Fotolia © gerardfoto
Source: Fotolia © gerardfoto

Coche and Cubagua

Coche and Cubagua are two small islands to the south of Margarita Island. Coche, Cubagua and Margarita Islands together form the state of Nueva Esparta. The reason Coche is famous is because of its pleasant climate throughout the year. The people of the island are well known for the fishing activities and for the festivals they conduct to honour the gods. Some of the best beaches on this island are El Coco, Punta La Playa and San Pedro. The winds in this region are ideal for wind surfing.

Cubagua is a small and isolated island near Coche Island. It is popular for the rich heritage along with other things. It has a destroyed town called Nueva Cadiz, where the first American settlement was established. People go this island to revisit the centuries old culture and heritage of the ancient ruins. The pure white sand beach and the turquoise waters of the sea are also popular for snorkelling and underwater expeditions.

Las Aves

The Windward and Leeward Aves together form the Las Aves Islands. It is an Archipelago which comprises of 19 islands, 12 in the Windward and 7 in the Leeward Aves. This lagoon is famous for its marine and bird life. One of the most interesting things to do here is scuba diving, you can do it and roam various parts around the island and explore the beautiful underwater flora and fauna. This archipelago is also famous for various shipwrecks.

Los Testigos

Los Testigos Archipelago consists of 16 islands. It is the entry gate for ships entering into Venezuela and it has a number of ports. The Royal Beach is the most beautiful beach on this island. There is a light house in Testigo Grande where tourists hike to enjoy the mesmerizing views of Isla Rajada and its rock caverns. Big Iguanas are also seen on the island. Though scuba diving is banned on the island, snorkelling is still allowed. Visitors could enjoy the delicious sea food and the beautiful beaches on this island.

Los Frailes

Los Frailes Islands can be accessed through a motor boat from the Margarita Island. It consists of 7 islands, famous for the variety of sea food. Fishing lovers can fish on their way to these islands from Margarita Islands. Wide variety of birds, whales, dolphins and other birds and fishes can be seen in this beautiful island.