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    Explore The Beauty Of The Negev Desert

    The Negev is recognised more as a religious destination and the tourists who come are looking at the history that goes back thousands of years. There are a range of different trains and buses to the surrounding areas, but infrequent services to the Negev. The buses are often exceptionally busy and if you don’t call […]

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    Climb Kilimanjaro – 20 000 Foot To The Top!

    You can plan a tour to climb Kilimanjaro as you visit some other scenery in both countries neighboring it. There are very ideal tourist sites just close by, but the real deal is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Climbing Kilimanjaro is fun! There are six routes that tourists use to climb to the summit. The good news […]

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    In For The Big Ones – Game Fishing In Fiji

    It is possible to charter a private boat complete with all mod cons such as a fridge, toilet and even a saloon to relax in. The crew can show your party all the excellent fishing spots and some hidden delights too! There are many coral lagoons in the area. These along with the picturesque and […]

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    Explore the Yangtze River – China’s Aorta

    For centuries the Yangtze River has been the most important river in the history, culture and economy of China as well as being a hugely important tourist attraction for the country. A river cruise holiday on this majestic river offers you the most unique way to explore and experience the best that China has to […]

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    White Water Rafting In Nepal – A Peerless Adventure!

    As this is an extreme sport, you need to ensure the company you do your white water rafting which is legitimate and has top quality equipment and instructors. If you have any doubts at all, you should research other people’s comments of their experiences to see if they have been satisfied and if you get […]

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    Have A Ball At Beachcomber – The Party Island Of The South Pacific!

    With the island being located only nineteen kilometres from Fiji`s Nadi International Airport, it is just a short ride by boat to get to this tropical party getaway. Particularly if you are on your way to Australia or New Zealand, coming from Asia or North America it is the perfect option for a little party […]

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    5 Great Places To Swim With Sharks

    The Bahamas is just one of these places. While it is well-known as a luxury holiday destination you may not be aware that you can also spend some time under the water with these fascinating creatures. There are several tour operators that offer a shark diving experience. One of the advantages of diving here is […]

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    Visit Magnificent Phoenix – The Gateway To The Grand Canyon

    The city is extremely hot during summers and it is a little mild during winters. However it might turn out to be too hot during summers and hence you should carry required stuff to avoid a sun burn. Though English is the language used by majority of people, you would be surprised to see that […]

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    Discover Paris – The City of Love

    The Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame are just a few of the romantic places you must visit in Paris. Particularly the Eiffel tower needs no introduction as it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and probably the most famous romantic place on earth. Walk to the top of the tower, enjoy the […]

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    Ever Heard About Blumenau – A German City In Brazil?

    Why should anyone travel to Blumenau? There is no shortage of reasons. Vila Germanica Venue of the annual Oktoberfest, the Vila Germanica is a tourist attraction in its own right thanks to the many german themed houses that dot its streets. It’s the place to buy Blumenau souvenirs. Municipal City Hall One of the city’s […]

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    Mountain Biking In Nepal – A Great Adventure!

    You will get the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and will be able to really savour and appreciate the serenity that Nepal has in abundance. You also get the time to visit trails which have rarely been visited and discover traditional rural life styles that have been preserved […]