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    Grandma Invited a Stranger to Thanksgiving This Year

    So this grandma was just doing her best to make Thanksgiving plans with her grandson and his girlfriend, but accidentally texted the wrong number. Silly Grandma! Seventeen-year-old Jamal Hinton, who received the anonymous text, asked who was messaging him and she told him “your grandma”. So Hinton asked for a photo, and found out that […]

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    Funniest Notes From Mom And Dad

    Kefta is for dinner.   2. No napkins   3. Kitchen   4. Washing machine 5. Toothpaste   6. Laptop   7. Wifi   8. Snacks   9. Mom`s punch   10. Apple   11. Dead   12. Dirty clothes   13. Eat sandwich or unicorn dies! 14. Ice cream   15. Piggy bank   […]

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    Dad re-creates teen daughter’s selfies

    Burr Martin, a “comedian, costume maker and that Selfie Dad guy” used his Instagram account to hilariously fire back at that of Cassie, his teen daughter. He captioned side-by-side pictures of the dad and daughter mirror selfies, each flashing their midsections. “I did it because she posted something and the guys in the comment section […]

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    Top Challenges

    Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge The goal is to dump a large bucket of ice water on top of you for the sake of raising money for ALS. Afterwards you would nominate another person via video or through social media to take the challenge. 2. Innuendo Bingo Try not to laugh while keeping liquids in […]

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    The ‘Friends’ Theme Tune In Nine Different Styles

    Old school rap – Dan Bull, NLJ, Veela and Andrew Huang Trance – Andrew Huang Country/Folk – Taryn Southern and Andrew Huang Ska – Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang Orchestral – Craig Benzine Punk – Hank Green and Andrew Huang Video game style – Todd Bryanton and Andrew Huang Acoustic – Landon Austin and Rob Scallon Heavy metal – Anthony […]