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    How To Add Glitter For A Fun And Fancy Touch!

    First consider your makeup overall. If you’re already wearing dark tones or bright shades, adding glitter may be too much overall. Rather than using glitter eye shadow or lipstick with your bright shades, consider adding a bit of glitter to your shoulders or to your cleavage for some eye-catching appeal. If you add glitter to […]

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    3 Tips For Preventing Split Ends, That Actually Work

    Why Split Ends Happen? Understanding why split ends happen is the first step. These usually occur because hair is dry and then splits. Each hair on your head is solid but because of its composition, it can shrink up against itself and break or split. Moisture keeps the hair healthy and keeps each part of […]

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    8 Things You Can Steal From Your Boyfriends Bathroom

    Razor: If you ever experience razor burn, or find that your razor is just not cutting it, pun intended, then it might be time to raid your mans bathroom. Mens razors tend to give a closer shave than women. The also contour to shapes better and are less likely to cause razor burn. Why get stuck […]

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    How To Treat Oily Hair

    Do not wash your hair everyday. I know this may seem like your are doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing, but in actuality you should not be washing your hair everyday. When you wash your hair too much you are actually causing the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil. They […]

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    Do You Know About These Natural Remedies For A Happy Skin?

    For Dry Skin at Bath Time At bath time add a little honey and milk to your water in order to moisturise and care for dry skin. You can also use dried or soy milk for this purpose. Milk contains Vitamins A and D and will make your skin stronger and so much softer. Those […]

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    8 Beauty Essentials For A Woman-On-The-Go!

    Makeup Palette: Keep a makeup with you at all times for those much needed touch-ups. A makeup palette that comes with a complete combination of neutral eye shadows and lipstick colours will give you the ability to get a great makeup look no matter where you are. Just make sure that it has a brush with […]

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    All You Need To Know About Deodorants

    How Do Deodorants Work? Deodorants usually have alcohol in them or they will use aluminum to help dry up your perspiration and absorb bacteria. This amount is very small and there is just a trace of these ingredients in any tube or can of deodorant. However, they can cause irritation for some because of these […]

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    3 At-Home Acne Remedies That Really Work

    A better approach might be to try some at-home acne remedies for your skin, along with a good routine of skincare. Even with acne you want to still apply moisturizer day and night, as this can actually tone down oily skin and keep it from being irritated. Something light like vitamin E oil or coconut […]

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    Which Hot Styling Tool Is The Best For You?

    It can also cause severe breakage. The last thing you want is to fry your hair, so cutting back on the amount of heat styling tools you use is important. By using the following guide to determine the best styling tool for your hair you will be able to get rid of some styling tools […]

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    5 Ways To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

    Cosmetics One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your lips appear fuller is by using cosmetics to enhance your natural lips. It can easily be done by anyone. Simply follow these steps for getting a full lip look. Apply a highlighter along the top lip line. Blend it into your skin to […]