Are Pushup Bras Bad For You

Pushup bras, the good, the bad and the ugly truth!

Source © Fotolia: vladimirfloyd
Source © Fotolia: vladimirfloyd

However, you would do well to ask if pushup bras are bad for you. Anytime you push and constrict the body and keep it out of its natural shape, you run the risk of causing deformity and pain. As an example, high-heeled shoes and stilettos especially are known for causing back and hip pain as well as bunions, hammer toes, and calluses. They put pressure on the balls of the feet and put your entire body out of alignment They may look good, but they’re very dangerous for your feet!

Because heels and other constrictive clothes are bad for you, it’s a reasonable question to consider if pushup bras are somehow damaging to your breasts. The good news is that they are typically harmless, depending upon the type of bra you purchase and how and when you wear them.

Bras that are too tight will hurt your breasts no matter their style. These push against the nipples and can cause pain; they can also pull your shoulders forward as your body tries to compensate for this extra squeezing. Tight bras can also chafe your skin and are especially uncomfortable during the warm summer months.

There is a difference between bras that are too tight or ill-fitting and pushup bras. A pushup bra simply lifts your breasts and holds them firmly into place and it does this without squeezing or constricting. If you find the right size and choose ones that are comfortable for you, they should not be hurtful to your breasts.

You also want to consider how and when you wear a pushup bra. Because they push your breasts up, they’re not the right choice for working out or other physical activities. Your breasts need support and a snug fit when you exercise so they don’t bounce up and down. This keeps them from having stretch marks and from sagging. Depending upon the style of pushup bra, you may run the risk of your breasts actually falling out of the bra if you were to wear it when working out!

Try on a few different pushup bras so you get the right size and the right fit. Make sure they’re just snug enough to keep your breasts in place as any other bra, but aren’t squeezing you and aren’t overly constrictive. If you choose the right style and fit, you can typically wear your pushup bras without worries!